Bathrooms of De Studio Den Haag


Here you will find all information regarding the bathrooms of De Studio. In the showroom you can view more than 25 bathroom configurations and thus gain all the inspiration you need! For every budget there has been thought of, so that products can be admired for everyone and a bathroom can be put together. We have got all A brands, but you can also find our own brands in the showroom.

For your bathroom we have shower (steam) cabins, bathtubs (also with whirlpool), walk-in showers, rain shower sets, ceramics, bathroom furnitures, etc. etc. We supply all known brands for your bathroom, for more information click on the brand:


In the showroom, after orientation, you can also immediately start working with us to make a design with a 3D drawing of your bathroom or kitchen. We can also calculate the total costs directly for you, depending on the time. View our full working method or visit our showroom!

Bathroom decor

To create the wanted bathroom can be quite a complicated task, because a combination of space, wishes and functionality must be taken into account. The bathroom showroom in The Hague provides you with the necessary ideas for certain interpretations that you have not initially thought of. Together with one of our consultants, we go through the products to get the best design. Hereby you get an explanation about the differences between the brands in quality or functionality, but also what effects certain choices have on the bathroom.


With various brands, there are also quite a lot of opportunities to tailor products such as bathroom furniture, shower trays and shower enclosures. Not only the dimensions but also the colors can be filled in according to your own wishes.

A number of the brands above can be clicked to read more information about the brand in question. You will also immediately see per brand what you can find in the showroom in The Hague. A short introduction to the best-selling brands:








A bathroom therefore generally consists of various brands that specialize in a specific component. With this you are assured of good quality and the design that you are looking for.

The correct advice during assembly is very important in view of the installation. Therefore, be well informed about the possibilities of the products and whether it can actually be realized in your bathroom. At De studio kitchens and bath The hague we are at your service to also look at the bathroom with an eye at the installation. We also calculate what it will cost you to have the chosen design made.

What our customers are saying

Complete bathroom

Family Schouten: Happy with the renovation of our bathroom. It has become a beautiful end result! We will soon also have our 2nd bathroom done by Destudio.

Bathroom grey

Family Teunissen: Were very kindly helped in the showroom and received beautiful things! We are happy with our new bathroom.

Bathroom herringbone

Family Bakker: We have transformed a part of our bedroom into an ensuite bathroom! Great picture delivered!

Black bathroom faucets

Mrs. de Jong: Happy with my black faucets and solid wooden furniture! The furniture is specially made to measure, which was a nice outcome for the space in my bathroom. Thank you for thinking along!

Washbasin faucet The Hague

Mr. van Beerschoten: In the showroom I have found some nice fitting washbasin faucets for my bathroom. I found the advice I received here to be pleasant.

Bath out Douche in

H. : We decided to go from a bath to a walk-in shower. We Have this done by De studio kitchens and bath. We are very satisfied with that. A Nice showroom to walk in.

Bathroom in the attic

Schouten: we also had the 2nd room made in the attic. it was quickly arranged, a great installer and everything works great. Again top service!

Bathroom Zoun

Family Z: Very satisfied with the end result! We were well helped in the store.The engineer thought carefully about his work and delivered very precise work.

Bathroom van den Bos

Family van den Bos: We had a very sweet engineer and he made us very happy with this beautiful bathroom! They had good service and help from the showroom.

Bathroom Vos

Family Vos: Wij We have been expertly and pleasantly helped with the purchase (and installation) of our new bathroom. We really enjoyed the personal attention and the time taken for us.

Bathroom van Oosten

Family van Oosten: Happy with our new bathroom and toilet. Professional work and very good service!

Bathroom van den Goorbergh

Family van den Goorbergh: Professional work done and we are happy with the result!

van der Brugge

Family van der Brugge: delivered with a big compliment!